This page is my most ambitious project to date. It might work or it might fail at the first hurdle, but here go'es. DavidBolt 25/02/2015

My aim is to find a link between the Bolt or Bult family name of my Shetland ancestors and the place from where it is believed our ancestors originated....... Scandinavia.


Scandinavia_MapScandinavian colonisation

The expanding population of Scandinavia led to a shortage of available resources and arable land there and led to a period of Viking expansion, the Norse gradually shifting their attention from plundering to invasion. Shetland was colonised during the late 8th and 9th centuries, the fate of the existing indigenous population being uncertain. Modern Shetlanders have almost identical proportions of Scandinavian matrilineal and patrilineal genetic ancestry, suggesting that the islands were settled by both men and women in equal measure.

Vikings then made the islands the headquarters of pirate expeditions carried out against Norway and the coasts of mainland Scotland. In response, Norwegian king Harald HÃ¥rfagre ("Harald Fair Hair") annexed the Northern Isles (comprising Orkney and Shetland) in 875. Rognvald Eysteinsson received Orkney and Shetland from Harald as an earldom as reparation for the death of his son in battle in Scotland, and then passed the earldom on to his brother

Sami people



Mountain Sami people tacken 1928