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During the 1850s and 1860s, around 8,000 individuals left Shetland in search of a more prosperus lifestyle. Shetland
families migrated to all corners of the earth, in particular, New Zealand and Australia.

This chapter, I hope will tell the story of Francis Bolt and his decendants.

Francis was born in 1830 in the town of Lerwich on the Shetland Islands. He was the eldest of six children of Laurence Hughson Bolt and Grace Bolt (nee Ganson) my 4x great grandparents.

On the 19 May 1858, at the Catholic Chapel, Emerald Hill, Victoria, Australia, Francis Bolt married Anne Clary a 22 year old lady formaly of County Clare, Limerick, Ireland.

Over the following twelve years, Francis and Anne establish a home and a family. Francis and Anne had six children; Mary born 1859, Laurence born 1860, John born 1863, Francis born 1865, James Robert born 1867 and Archibald born 1870. Sadly Anne died on 12 February 1874 aged just 38.

During 1875, Francis Bolt married for a second time. His bride was Wilhelmina Whitmarsh an Australian born in Victoria around 1855. Francis and Wilhelmina had one child a girl born in 1877 they christened her Ann presumably after Francis first wife.

Research is ongoing, but I understand that Ann married around 1900 and has two daughters, Ivy & Edna.


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