Built in 1923
by Blyth Ship Builders & Dry Dock Co. Ltd

I have no information about this photo however, considering the age of Robert identified here by the (x) I believe that he could be aboard the S.S. Sheaf Field, around 1927.

S.S. Sheaf Field was sunk by mine near Felixstowe on Monday, 28 October 1940.


Built 1936
Built by S.P. AUSTIN, Sunderland
for the Gas, Light & Coke Co., London.

Gasfire seen here in 1940 at S.P. Austin's, shipyards, Sunderland. She is having the stern replaced after being torpedoed whilst on Convoy FN11, October 1940. However on Saturday, 21 June 1941 Gasfire struck a mine East of Southwold and sunk, total loss.


Built in 1927 by
JOHN REDHEAD & SONS Ltd., South Shields.
for the
Gas, Light & Coke Co., London

Sir David derived her name from Sir David Milne-Watson, Bart., then governor of the
Gas Light & Coke Company. Sold to Belgian shipbreakers for breaking up at Antwerp, December 1957

Victoria Dock 1938

A ship entering Victoria Dock as seen from Dockhead Watchmans office in Signal Station.

River Wear, Sunderland 1941

Note the Collier in centre of picture armed with
4" Gun and barrage balloon.

Austin's Shipyard, Sunderland
winter 1955

Although this scene showe's the worst side of the weather, Austin's normally had better conditions at launch time. For twenty years every launch from the yard took place in fine weather.


Built October 1907
by Harland & Wolff Ltd, Belfast
owned by Anglo American Oil Co (Esso)
Broken up at Troon, 1947 by West of Scotland Shipbreaking Co., Ltd

It was the first largest tanker fitted with two screws

(Horse and Cart)

Convoy Escort Ship


Convoy Escort Ship



Built 1922 by
JONKER & STANS, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, NL
Completed 01/1922 as STRAAT SOENDA
1923 renamed PENDENNIS
1930 renamed POLSKAROB
1940 renamed ZBARAZ
15/07/1940 bombed and sunk by German Aircraft 10 miles south of the ALDEBURGH light vessel on a voyage from LONDON to HARTLEPOOL in ballast.

Acknowledgment Maurice Voss
Belgium, NL

Built 1928 by
J. REDHEAD & SON Ltd, South Shields.

She was sold to United British Steamship Co Ltd in 1943 and when on passage from Oran, Gibraltar to Ardrossan, Scotland was bombed by German aircraft on the 21 November 1943. The crew abandoned ship and she was last seen afloat the following day.


Built 1945
For William Cory & Son

Cargo Ship: Built in 1918 as WAR SWIFT by the Detroit Ship Building Co., Renamed LAKE WESTON.
Sold in 1919 to Greece and renamed PANAGHIS VERGOTTIS; Sold in 1925 to Norway and renamed STRAND; Sold in 1935 to Odd Godager, Norway and renamed RONDO; Sold in 1938 to Thv. Johnsen, Oslo, Norway and renamed SALT; Sold in 1939 to the Wasa Steamship Co., Ltd Finland and renamed SOLBRITT; Seized in 1941 by the MOWT; Sold in 1955 to Red. A/B Fidelia Laivo, Helsinki, Finland and renamed FIDELIA; Broken up in Denmark in 1959.

Built by: William Denny & Bro
Built: 1923
Sunk 22 July 1940

Seized by the Italians on 10th June 1940 off Pantelleria when on a voyage from Palermo to Tripoli , she was set on fire when another ship carrying ammunition was hit by British aircraft and exploded. Later as she was under tow another aircraft finished her off. Acknowledgment
Photo supplied by Peter Stewart

Customs House 1920s
at Mill Dam, South Shields

Triple expansion steam engine and two single
ended boilers operating at 220 lbs pressure.
Built October 1941 by S.P. Austin & Son., Sunderland;

Fenwick, Fisher SS Co was set up by William France Fenwick and James Fisher of Barrow to operate two specialist vessels SOUND FISHER and SEA FISHER. 1946 renamed COLNBROOK;
1949 renamed PORTWOOD; seen here in the 1950s
1962 renamed CHRYSANTHIK believed to be Greek owned. 1967 Broken up at Nakskov, Denmark.

Acknowledgment John D. Stevenson
Trinity Research Services, Edinburgh.


Built 1943
Built by S.P. Austin & Son Ltd, Sunderland
A 4,000-ton collier loading a cargo of Coal at
Whitehill Point on the River Tyne
Brunswick Wharf on the Thames
Acknowledgment Port of Tyne

ON 169158
Built in1951
Built by Burntisland Ship Building Co. Ltd

For the Constantine Shipping Co. Ltd.

German soldiers left on the Channel Islands made a raid on Granville, damaging the harbor facilities and capturing the MV Eskwood, a 1273 gt freighter. Docs taken from the Eskwood were requested by Command for speedy evaluation of Convoys in the Channel.
Acknowledgment Glenn Ross

seen here at Goole in 1978

Built 1955, 2536grt
Built by Goole Shipbuilding
Yard number 489
IMO: 5129320
GEORGINA V.EVERARD 1955-1978 (British)
Renamed MYASSA 1978-1980
( Lebanon)
Renamed MYASSAR 1980-1985
( Lebanon)
Broken up in 1985

This is the stark reality of Merchant Shipping especialy during the war years. During 1939 - 1945 35,000 merchant seaman lost their lives.


1546 ton sream coaster
launched 10 November 1931
Built for Stephenson Clarke by
Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson - Southwick yard, Sunderland

Flathouse was sold for scrap and broken up at Grays in February 1961

8826 ton tanker
built by Palmers Shipbuilding & Iron Co. Ltd
launched from Jarrow yard
8 October 1930

Torpedoed 1 December 1940

Crew lost 1/12/1940

Built by S.P.Austin & Son Ltd. Sunderland
for Stephenson & Clarke Ltd
Launched as COLVILLE
renamed HEYSHOTT
broken up at Blyth in 1970