Thornton House
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Thornton House

Small plan of Preston Farm The land, on which this house was built at a much later date, was owned in 1823 by Mr John Scott, of Dockwray Square, as owner of the land (31acres) in the Manor of Tynemouth he became a customary tenant of The Duke of Northumberland, with the necessary feudal obligations.

On 1st February 1862, three of the customary tenants of The Manor, also mortagagees of the property, namely, Edward John Collingwood(formerly of Chirton House) Rev Christoper Scott and George Robson entered into an agreement and sold 31 acres of the land in Preston to John Fenwick (of Preston Villa). He immediately sold it (or partly) to John Kelso, ship owner of No.6 Camp Terrace, who became the admitted tenant of The Manor of Tynemouth. Part of the land included, the cottages, stables, byres, foldyards and outbuildings(see plan), and to the noth of these buildings there was spare land which was called The Lord of the Manor's "Waste". Some very interesting facts about this farm were unearthed whilst studying the deeds of this cottage - see under the heading No. 25 Front Street (Preston Farm Stead).

On 1st May 1877 Mr J.R.Kelso sold the cottage and the "L" shaped farm outbuildings to William Peacock (joiner and cartwright) - see the similar and later plan of Mrs Juge. The cottage is at the top of the plan and is behind No. 24 Front Street, (later Pettigrews shop and post office). William Peacock died in 1885 and his widow Jane married Charles Judge (gardener) on the 4th June 1892 and they lived in the cottage. Mrs Jane Judge sold the "L" shaped plot of land and cottage to Mr John Lawrence Bolt (dairyman) on 16th February, 1895 and he thus became the customary Manor Tenant - however after only 8 years he died inestate.


His widow, Isabella, with a young family was greatly helped by her late husband's brother and sister, namely Robert Thornton Bolt of Heaton (butter and egg merchant) and later of "Beaconsfield" Grand Parade Tynemouth , Archibold Barclay Bolt (pawnbroker), Henry Thomas Thornton Bolt and Catherine E Bolt who all agreed that a house should be built for Isabella and her young family on the North Road side of the "L" shaped plot of land. Bearing in mind that two of the above mentioned brothers bore the family name of Thornton in their Christian names, we can see why this new house was called "Thornton House" - it was built about 1906/1907. Isabella Bolt nee Marshall 1865 - 1932

Over the next 30 years the trustees of this house changed. Until 22nd June 1937, when Mr Phillip Thornton Bolt and Mr Peter Christie Marchall (trustees) sold Thornton House to John McKenzie Phillips (wholesale poultry dealer). In 1948 Thornton House was conveyed by J.M. Phillips to Thomas Turnbull of Holly House, who later conveyed it to his daughter Moira who had tenants in the house untill 1988, when Harry and Ester Pearson became the owners.

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