The Haa of Cruister, Bressay, Shetland

Across the Bressay Sound are the ruins of the ancestral home of Thomas Bolt


Thomas Bolt; Merchant and Agent



James' heir, Thomas Bolt, was born 2 Oct. 1737.

In time, Thomas became a prosperous merchant in his own right. He married Barbara Inns in 1763; daughter of Alexander Inns of Fracafield (an important merchant-laird of Tigwall).

The 1762 accounts of his uncle, Arthur Nicolson, recorded that in that year Thomas Bolt supplied to him 98 cans of oil, 1167 ling and 1376 lasts of tusk, and that they were party to smuggling of German gin and Dutch brandy in which Cruister played a key role.

It is well recorded that Thomas Bolt was mentor and instrumental in the upbringing of Arthur Anderson the co founder of the P and O shipping company.

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