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Paternal timeline USA - 1700 to present day

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It has been suggested that John may have been born around 1700 at Houlland, Shetland.
Francis b: 1733 Shetland, SHI d: Shetland, SHI
Research is ongoing

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Born 1733 actual date and place of birth and death unknown
It has been suggested that Francis may be the son of John Bolt
He married Catherine Gifford in 1753. I currently have records for three children.
Barbara b: 1 January 1754 Bressay, SHI d: Shetland, SHI
Francis b: 1 January 1757 Bressay, SHI d: 29 September 1827 Shetland, SHI
Margaret b: 28 January 1763 Bressay, SHI d: Shetland, SHI

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b: 1 Jan 1757, Bressay - d: 29 September 1827
Son of Francis Bolt and Catherine Bolt (nee Gifford)
He 1st married Jean Laurenson 1776 Bressay, SHI current research two children
James b: 1778 Shetland d: SHI
Francis b:1780 Daal, Bressay, SHI d: 2 Oct 1842 Lerwick, SHI
2nd marriage was to Charlotte Stewart 13 Oct 1807 Lerwick, SHI they had four children
Jane b: 30 Jan 1809 Lerwick, SHI d: 3 Jan 1881 Lerwick, SHI
Barbara b: 5 Oct 1813 Lerwick, SHI d: 8 Sep 1888 Unst, SHI
Laurence b: 30 Jan 1811 Lerwick, SHI d: 15 Jan 1886 SHI
Janet Esther b: 23 Aug 1816 Bressay, SHI d: 1894

Headstone at the Old Cemetery,
Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland

b:1780, Daal, Bressay, Shetland - d:1842
son of Francis Bolt and Jean Bolt (nee Laurenson)
He married Catherin Anderson 18 Feb 1801they had four children
Barbara b: 2 Oct 1801 Lerwick, SHI d: SHI
Laurence Hughson b:19 Sep 1803 Lerwick, SHI d: 6 Jun 1890 Leith, MDL
Francis b: 8 Aug1805 Lerwick, SHI d: 6 Jan 1898 New Zealand
Mary Elizabeth Irvine b: 23 Sep 1807 Lerwick, SHI d: SHI

Headstone at Rosebank Cemetery,
Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland

b: 19 Sep 1803 Lerwick, SHI - d: 6 Jun 1890 Leith, MDL
son of Francis Bolt and Catherine Bolt (nee Anderson)
He 1st married Grace Ganson 12 Nov 1829 Lerwick, SHI they had seven children
Francis b: 10 Oct 1830 Lerwick, SHI d: Dec 1895 Melbourne, AU
John b: 12 Aug 1832 Lerwick, SHI d: 1838 Lerwick, SHI
Laurence b: 12 Nov 1835 Lerwick, SHI d:
Ann Elizabeth b: 4 Jul 1838 Lerwick, SHI d: Australia
Archibald Barclay b: 26 Jan 1841 Lerwick, SHI d: 21 Jul 1921 Dorset, UK
Jane Margaret b: 14 Apr 1847 Lerwick, SHI d:
His 2nd marriage was to Ann Ganson 11 July 1853 they had two children
John b: 1852 Leith, MDL d: 31 Oct 1885 Leith, MDL
Grace b: 18 Oct 1856 Leith, MDL d: 7 Jan 1937 Leith, MDL

b:26 Jan 1841 Lerwick, Shetland - d: 21 Jul 1921 Belchalwell,Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset
son of Laurence Hughson Bolt and Grace Bolt (nee Ganson)
He married Jane Ann Thornton in 1863 they had ten children
William Thornton b:1864
Robert Thornton b:16 August 1864 North Shields d:10 April 1865 North Shields
Percy b:1865
John Lawrence b:9 August 1867 North Shields d:3 May 1903 North Shields
Robert Thornton b:21 December 1868 Tynemouth d:7 April 1949 Newcastle upon Tyne
Archibald Barclay b:1871 North Shields d:10 April 1914 Australia
Henry T. Thornton b: 10 July 1873 North Shields d: after 1950 Troy, Ohio, USA
Jennifer b:August 1876 North Shields d:17 December 1878 North Shields
Grace Margaret b:9 March 1880 North Shields d:31 March 1902
Katherine Elizabeth b:9 March 1880 North Shields d:10 June 1964
Madge Anderson born 1890 (adopted)

b: 10 July 1873 - d: 2 February 1963
son of Archibald Barclay Bolt and Jane Ann Bolt (nee Thornton)
He first married Frances Josephine Snowdon on 30 Aug 1899 I have records of four children
Blanche Barclay b: 6 January 1901 Newcastle upon Tyne d: 1968
Ruby b: 2 November 1902 Newcastle upon Tyne d: 1 December 1984 California, USA
Karl Geoffrey b: August 1904 Newcastle upon Tyne d: 9 January 1968 Vancouver, BC.
Sybil b: September 1906 Newcastle upon Tyne d: 1991 Alberta, Canada
His second marriage was to Ohio born Eva May Byokett aka Effie in 1916
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Sometime between 1911 & 1913 Henry changed his name to Henry Ben Bolt

Additional names and photos will be updated as they become available