The Walker Family of County Durham
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The Walker side of the family included the following family names:
Allardyce, Blanch, Bolt, Burnett, Colling, Huddlestone, Jackson, Kay, Macquarrie,
Mayther, Parfitt, Pinder, Rea, Richie and Young.

As far back as the reign of Henry III Northumberland and Durham coal was king. Perhaps the most striking proof of this was given in 1892, when, not withstanding the miners' strike, which practically brought work to a stand for some months, the production of coal was at an all time high of 23,834,000 tons, valued at £7,398,480. However, King coal came at a price not in pounds, shillings and pence, but at a more personal level that of men and boys of the Northumberland and Durham coal fields.

One such story is illustrated below and mentions my mothers nephews by name. The Trimdon Colliery Disaster of 1882 where Mrs Burnett lost three sons in the explosion that occurred on Thursday, 16 February, 1882

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